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Same day delivery in Exeter

Our high-speed same-day delivery services & same day courier United Kingdom.

Last Mile Express is a reliable delivery service that specializes in same day courier services. We’re committed to delivering goods and packages quickly and safely to our clients, with no delays. We use the latest technology to ensure packages are tracked, monitored and delivered on time.
We understand the importance of getting packages delivered quickly and efficiently, so our team of experienced couriers are on hand to deliver your goods with the utmost care. Experience the convenience and ease of Last Mile Express today.

At Last Mile Express, we take pride in the unique qualities that set us apart from other delivery services. We know that some of the items we transport will be delicate and require special consideration in transit. We are always happy to meet the needs of our customers. We will look to tailor solutions to suit your personal transport needs. Sameday express

Make Last Mile Express Your Delivery Partner & high-speed same-day delivery 

At Last Mile Express, we strive to redefine the delivery experience. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction sets us apart. Whether you're a business owner seeking reliable logistics solutions or an individual in need of a fast and efficient delivery service, we've got you covered. Experience the convenience of speedy delivery with Last Mile Express. Place your order today and witness the difference that our same-day dispatch services can make in your life or business. Trust us to deliver, because, at Last Mile Express, your satisfaction is our top priority.

On time delivery

Scheduled  Delivery

From a letter, luggage, parcel to pallet delivery, we will make sure that your delivery takes place on the same day. Our same day couriers can collect within 60 minutes anywhere in the UK, often much sooner. We will get your goods quickly and securely to their final destination.

Manufacturing Assembly

Commercial Transport

Whether you’re sending materials to a manufacturing partner, a manufactured product or any heavy machinery, we’ve got you covered. We will arrange a collection within 60 minutes and deliver your goods safely on the same day.

European Transport Service

Same Day Delivery, sameday express

We offer dedicated express vans all over the UK and Europe. With an extensive network of global partners we can arrange your shipments anywhere in Europe.

Commercial Delivery

Business Courier Services 

Our business courier service is designed for busy people who don't have time, or want to use it more cost-effectively by remaining at their desk. We can deliver pretty much anything! Documents, car parts, office furniture, marketing displays, stationary, fragile items, cloth racking and many more.

Delivery Boxes in a Truck

Multidrop Service

Last Mile Express offers a dedicated multi-drop service to customers in need of delivering a number of packages on the same day. We will help you cope with busy periods.

Economy Delivery

Economy Delivery

Need an item delivered next day? Whether it is a regular or a one-off delivery, we will cater to any requirements you may have. Economy delivery is the cheapest way of shipping a consignment.


Uncommon Deliveries

Out Sized Deliveries

From Surfboards to Motor Bikes we can handle pretty much any type of freightWith a vast fleet of over 2,000 vehicles of various sizes and configurations across the UK, 

Key Features of Last Mile Express

Same-Day Delivery:

We specialize in same-day delivery services, ensuring that your packages reach their destination promptly and efficiently. With Last Mile Express, you can rely on us to handle your urgent deliveries with speed and precision.


Local Expert Drivers:

Our team of local expert drivers brings extensive knowledge of the area, enabling them to navigate quickly and efficiently. They understand the local roads, traffic patterns, and best routes, ensuring timely and accurate deliveries.


Domestic and International Delivery: Whether you need to send a package within your country or to an international destination, Last Mile Express has the capacity and expertise to handle both domestic and international deliveries. We ensure that your packages reach their global destinations safely and on time.


Special Consideration for Delicate Items:

We understand that some items require special care during transit. At Last Mile Express, we are committed to protecting your delicate goods. Our team is experienced in handling fragile items and will provide the necessary attention and care to ensure their safe transport.


Fully Insured Vehicles:

Our vehicles are fully covered with Goods In Transit insurance, providing coverage up to the value of £50k. Additionally, our public liability insurance offers coverage up to £2m, giving you peace of mind that your packages are protected throughout the delivery process.


Real-time Tracking:

With our advanced tracking system, you can stay updated on the progress of your deliveries in real time. Our tracking technology allows you to monitor the location of your packages at any time, providing transparency and reassurance.


Tailored Solutions:

We understand that every delivery is unique. At Last Mile Express, we offer tailored solutions to suit your personal transport needs. Whether it's specific packaging requirements or delivery preferences, we work closely with you to ensure your requirements are met.


Reliable Customer Support:

Our dedicated customer support team is available to assist you with any queries or concerns you may have. We prioritize customer satisfaction and strive to provide excellent support throughout your delivery journey. Choose Last Mile Express for reliable, efficient, and customer-centric delivery services. Experience the convenience and peace of mind that come with our key features. Contact us today to discuss your delivery requirements and let us exceed your expectations.

Contact us now to get started with your same-day courier delivery service!


29b Leat St, Tiverton EX16 5LG

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